Sunday, April 5, 2009


Madwitch toy artist animabase(Wonman Kim) designed
his toy design 'GangGaroo' last 2008.
GangGaroo's primary drawing is below..
GangGaroo mean Gangster kangaroo with gasmask and large pistol in his shoulder.
Large pistols are look as evil wings.

Below image is Final GangGaroo design. This image made by Animabase(Wonman Kim) and Beryle(Kumhee Bu).
Body painted strong redcolor and black /grey colors.
Wing pistol painted Gold yellow and grey colors.
Body decorated with Gold MT(Madwitch Toy)chain and large bracelet.

Dildo-Devil series

Madwitch toy designer Kumhee Bu and Wonman Kim
Created their first designer toy series 'Dildo-Devil'
last winter 2008.
Dildo-Devil consist of three characters in Hell.
Dildo-B, Candy, Miyu.
Each character have different style.
Let's see each details.